Amal Aramouni


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Amal Aramouni


Amal Aramouni has worked extensively as an English-Arabic translator and interpreter. She is adept in assessing documents and crafting a translated text that is both understandable and appropriate for its intended purpose. Amal is experienced in translating a wide range of documents including legal contracts, monthly reports, training resources and educational curriculum as well as daily communications and confidential materials.

For more than 10 years, Amal worked in the Middle East for multinational consultancies where she was responsible for preparing bi-lingual content and providing interpretation services for professional development programs to Arabic and English speaking staff at government agencies.

Amal is always mindful of a client’s particular needs. She strives consistently to bring through the integrity and intent of original source material in her translation and interpretation work, drawing on her understanding and respect for cultural subtleties and nuances within a language.

Amal holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Damascus University in Syria, a Certificate in Legal English Skills: EMG Associated (UK) through the Canadian University of Dubai, and a certificate in Modern Translation: General & Legal (Emirates Institute of Technology- Abu Dhabi).


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