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MIRA offers the following services to support its Members through an annual Membership Package.

Customized Presentations

Customized Presentations delivered to your company or group covering specific business opportunities and issues in any of the strategic markets of focus. The Presentations are specifically developed for your firm and delivered by Mr. Hough or his Associates to address your focused interests.

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Market Intelligence

Members enjoy access to the ongoing MIRA market intelligence repository which includes Publications on Doing Business in the Strategic Markets, Comprehensive Power Point Presentations on each Market, Business Culture Overviews and Summaries of Executive Insight interviews and Case Scenarios. This inventory is continually updated to capture timely and topical issues in the markets.

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Tailored Advice

Tailored Advice will be provided to all members in response to specific questions that you may have on issues in doing business in strategic markets and the international trade arena. Members will be able to draw up to 2 hours of Mr. Hough’s or his Associates’ time. Mr. Hough’s associates have a wealth of specialized knowledge and contacts and will be drawn on to provide timely insight and powerful advice. They can also offer a wide range of support including business culture training, market research and market visit support.

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About Us

About Us

Drawing on Marvin Hough’s 30+ years of expertise and his wide international network, Marvin Hough International Research & Analysis Limited (MIRA) was created to support Canadian and other international companies in effectively doing business in strategic international markets, including India, China, Brazil and Mexico.

Founded in 2009 in Ottawa, Ontario, MIRA brings its clients a wealth of current international market insight on topical and timely issues impacting international business executives today.

From ongoing assessments of market opportunities and challenges, to executive insight interviews highlighting best practices, to tailored advice on issues, MIRA helps Canadian companies gain the understanding they need to succeed in doing business in strategic markets.

Membership Benefits

  • Delivery of fully customized Presentations on any of the international markets and issues
  • Full access to MIRA’s most current market intelligence library relating to international markets and issues
  • Access to Executive Insight Interviews undertaken with business executives who have navigated in the markets
  • Up to 2 hours of tailored advice from Marvin Hough or his Associates addressing your questions or concerns

Take your international business to the next level with strategic market intelligence


I have always been impressed by Marvin's ability to take a macro approach while simultaneously always being aware of the local-differentiated micro conditions thanks to his ability to listen and learn, drawing on his networks and knowledge established over many years.

Peter MacArthur
Ambassador of Canada, Indonesia
The services Marvin Hough offers are of real value to companies and trade facilitators who pursue business in important markets like China, Brazil, India and Mexico. I know that he follows the business conditions in these strategic markets very closely and maintains a wide network of valuable contacts.

Tony Gostling
Principal Consultant and Founder, GSG Xinde Inc.
Marvin has a long history of facilitating trade with key markets such as India, China, Mexico and Brazil through his work with EDC and his consulting and I am happy to collaborate with him on the Brazilian market.

Paola Saad
President Mandala Group and President Brazil - Canada Chamber of Commerce

The Power of Good Advice for Your International Business

Marvin Hough International Research and Analysis Limited

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Marvin Hough

Marvin Hough

Marvin Hough


Marvin Hough established Marvin Hough International Research & Analysis Ltd (MIRA) in 2009 to assist Canadian and international companies and trade facilitators in navigating in international markets. He has a long history in supporting Canadian companies in international markets through 30 years of service with Export Development Canada (EDC), Canada’s official export credit agency. He continues to draw on his extensive international experience and his various Associates while serving MIRA’s clients who include exporters, trade facilitators and business schools.

Mr. Hough held positions within the full spectrum of EDC’s programs including export financing, credit insurance, domestic business development and international business development. Over the years, he has helped to guide and facilitate business for hundreds of Canadian firms in the international marketplace and has held assignments in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, New Delhi, Beijing and Mexico City.

In Asia, Mr. Hough managed EDC’s financing operations in both the South Asia and Pacific North Asia regions. He also served a four-year interchange assignment with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade where he was a Senior Trade Commissioner in New Delhi, India. In 1999, Mr. Hough helped EDC to establish its first international representation in Asia which was set up in in Beijing.

On the Latin American front, Mr. Hough was EDC’s first Chief Representative for Mexico, based in Mexico City and played a key role in growing EDC’s portfolio in the Mexico and Central America region. Following his assignment in Mexico, Mr. Hough assumed the role of Regional Vice-President for Latin America where he oversaw business development throughout the entire region including EDC’s offices in Brazil.

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