The Associates

Karen Patterson

Freelance Cross-Cultural Trainer
Karen Patterson is comfortable, confident and competent as ...

Danna Zhu

Danna (Dan Na) Zhu has been committed to cross-culture marketing and business development and ...

Tony Gostling

China Business Advisor
Tony Gostling is the owner of GSG Xinde Inc, a consulting ...

Hanna Al Zahra

Hanna Al Zahra

MIRA Associate
Hanna is an experienced consultant for business development and financial ...

Angelina Ramroop

MIRA Associate
Angelina Ramroop is the founder of Narciso Education Services (NES)... ...

Samantha Kussman

Samantha Kussmann

CSR-P - MIRA Associate
Samantha is an international trade professional with 4 years of experience ...

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