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Marvin Hough


MIRA is pleased to advise that Marvin Hough has published the following books which are available to assist its clients in the international business field.

A Career in International Trade- Living the Dream 

“A Career in International Trade – Living the Dream” which provides insight into opportunities in the international business domain, the experiences of the author and other practitioners, the skills needed and how to enter the field.

The International Business Culture Pathfinder – A Practical Guide to Navigating Cultural Differences in Global Markets

“The International Business Culture Pathfinder” which is a compendium of guides on specific countries including Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. This book is designed to prepare companies, trade facilitators and international business students for the impact of business culture in these markets. It contains practical business case scenarios to demonstrate how culture can affect all aspects of business.


Business Culture Guides and Advice

MIRA produces individual business culture guides on a host of countries and continually updates them to provide timely information for its clients. Each guide provides an overview of the market, a description of the business culture, real life case scenarios and recommended strategies and tactics for navigating the business culture.

Each client who purchases an individual business culture guide can submit questions related to its business and how it may be affected by the business culture in the respective market.

You may request a current guide on any of the available countries by using the order form below.

Brazil Guide – MIRA



Canada Guide – MIRA


China Guide – MIRA


India Guide – MIRA


Indonesia Guide – MIRA


Mexico Guide – MIRA


Nigeria Guide – MIRA



S. Africa Guide – MIRA


S. Korea Guide – MIRA


UAE Guide – MIRA


Vietnam Guide – MIRA



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