Angelina Ramroop


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Angelina Ramroop

Angelina Ramroop is the founder of Narciso Education Services (NES), an educational content creation service for students, business professionals, and institutions. NES offers educational content writing (eBooks, blogs, newsletters, business and academic writing), personal development and leadership coaching as well as workshops.

Angelina shares a background in education and business with qualifications (M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A. (Hons.), certifications: OCT, TESL), 5+ years of instructor experience, 2 years of educational leadership, and international education experience. She has gained ample knowledge of business management, educational leadership, and has a keen desire to facilitate critical thinking.

As an individual within the education and business field, her expertise lies in contributing to the oversight of strategic planning initiatives and the learning development of individuals to improve job performance and leadership abilities. She has collaborated with faculty members and stakeholders in planning and developing areas of the curriculum within education institutions in China, South Korea, and Canada to execute educational sessions, cross-cultural communication, and multi-departmental collaboration within private post-secondary institutions in Canada.

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