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Brij Bali

Mr. Brij Bali is the President & CEO of International Talent Hub Inc. (INTTH), headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. INTTH focuses on equipping and engaging non-profits, universities and corporations with skills and resources that contribute positively to their communities and global well-being. Brij is a Canadian citizen, born in Tanzania and holds an MBA degree from IMD Switzerland and the University of Geneva.

With over 30 years of strategic international experience within higher education, partnerships, philanthropy, and the corporate sectors, Brij’s work aims for greater social value and socio-economic impact. He has been a Board member and Vice Chair of the Canadian Business Council in Abu Dhabi for several years and from 2021 as an Adviser to the CBC, Abu Dhabi. He is well established and connected across Canada, the United Arab Emirates and East Africa.

As Brij has held senior leadership roles, including as Senior Adviser for two years, at the Emirates Foundation in the United Arab Emirates, he is very well positioned to counsel and advise Canadian companies in entering and navigating in the UAE market. Previously, he was also a Senior Manager for Student Support and Development on the Abu Dhabi campuses of the Higher Colleges of Technology.

Brij has lived and worked across the globe developing trusted partnerships between Canada, the Gulf Region and Africa. He has contributed significantly to the development of innovative methods and tools such as the development of digital internship and mentoring platforms to facilitate innovative industry-academia-community partnerships. Brij is a valued associate of MIRA with great insight and connections in the Gulf Region and Africa.

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