Danielle Jiang


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Danielle Jiang


Born in China, Hunan province, Danielle Jiang studied International Economy & Trade. She began her career at Leekeen Group, a Chinese importer & distributer of European electrical equipment to South China. With her experience and English knowledge, she became the right arm of the president for foreign contract management and the business follow-up. Later on, she joined Hong Kong Kingsway Trading as Export Manager, where she took charge of the exportations to United States, Australia, and South Korea. In 2005, she became the Chief Representative of the China division of Magog-based Camoplast Group. Danielle developed and managed the company’s supply chain and distribution channels in China, Vietnam, India, and other Asian countries. Strong from these international trade experiences, Danielle Jiang then co-founded VJS, an Import & Export agency facilitating trade between China, Canada and Europe. In 2010, she finally decided to start a consultation firm dedicated to facilitate trade between Quebec and China and that is how DJM Asia was born.

With offices in Montreal and Shanghai and a team of professionals, she is active in the supply chain management and trading activities with various projects for more than 20 years and she has been serving more than 100 Canadian and European customers in Asia. Danielle is happy to share her unique business model and extensive network with Canadian companies looking at developing China or other markets in the region.

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