Hanna Al Zahra


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Hanna Al Zahra

Hanna is an experienced consultant for business development and financial management. Creating, initiating new concepts and ideas, then realizing these things is her true passion. She likes getting people excited about how to actualize their dreams.

With extensive experience in various industries, including event management, tourism, small medium enterprise, consulting service company, financial technology and start-ups. Hanna brought these experiences to build market opportunities for Kuelap Inc. in Indonesia, as a business development director for the SouthEast Asia region.

In her earlier career, she worked in operations and project management in the event-organizers business. She has a long experience as a researcher to do appraisals and ratings, especially in the field of microfinance. In the financial aspect, she has experience as a financial auditor in Kreston International Limited, an independent accounting firm. Before entering the world of start-ups, Hanna was a senior consultant at PT. Veda Praxis, she serves consulting in risk management, business strategic plans, and IT compliance review.

Born and raised in Jakarta – Indonesia, Hanna graduated from Indonesia Banking School with Bachelor of Economic, majoring in Accounting. She took her Master degree in Integrated Microfinance Management from Universitas Padjadjaran, under faculty of Economic & Business. Outside of the office, She spends time diving and traveling.

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