Karen Patterson


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Karen Patterson

Freelance Cross-Cultural Trainer


Selected professional services include:

• Intercultural/Cross-cultural Training and Consulting • Immigration, Relocation & Destination Service Consulting – home finding, schools and settling in services • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese • Chinese Culture and Doing Business in China • Chinese Contemporary Art and the Beijing Art Scene • Public Speaking (Toastmasters active member)

Karen Patterson is comfortable, confident and competent as an intercultural trainer and intercultural communications expert. Karen’s experience, knowledge and education in intercultural and international communications has enabled her to effectively create bridge communications across cultures. She has trained and worked with individuals, small and large groups, couples and youth. Ms. Patterson has worked as a freelance intercultural trainer for such global relocation companies as Brookfield and Crown Relocations. She has also consulted on China with individuals planning to go to China, both in person and over using such platforms as Skype, Facebook, etc.

Ms. Patterson has 5.5 years of experience as a successful destination service consultant, having worked in Beijing, China and in Calgary, Canada. She has partnered with a diverse range of people with varying relocation and home-finding needs. Although Karen’s skill set is international, she was born and raised Calgarian with strong roots in the community. Karen graduated from the University of Calgary with an Honors Degree in Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Art Photography. She is an active member of a local Toastmaster’s Chapter in Calgary, as Karen loves public speaking and sees it as a way of improving herself professionally and personally.
Having spent 15 years in mainland China experiencing the Chinese art scene, Karen is well positioned to introduce individuals and audiences to Chinese art, whether for educational, collecting or personal interests. Karen is presently working on a memoir of her time in Mainland China and hopes to finish by December 2019.

Karen Patterson brings to her career a proven entrepreneurial mindset, practiced and successful in establishing goals, evaluating risk and unlocking the value of relationships.

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