We Develop Digital Products & Marketing

Give your business a tangible edge in strategic markets with insight from those who have succeeded there

Group Presentations

Tailored presentations for group meetings or company seminars on the opportunities and risks in various strategic international markets such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico.

Market Intelligence

Give your business the inside edge with exclusive access to the most current international market intelligence and research through our proprietary collection of publications, presentations, executive insight interviews, and more.

Tailored Advice

Have a specific question? Get strategic advice tailored to your particular situation by getting in touch with our dedicated team of experts.

Membership Benefits

  • Delivery of fully customized Presentations on any of the international markets and issues
  • Full access to MIRA’s most current market intelligence library relating to international markets and issues
  • Access to Executive Insight Interviews undertaken with business executives who have navigated in the markets
  • Up to 2 hours of tailored advice from Marvin Hough or his Associates addressing your questions or concerns

About Us

Drawing on Marvin Hough’s 30+ years of expertise and his wide international network, Marvin Hough International Research & Analysis Limited (MIRA) was created to support Canadian and other international companies in effectively doing business in strategic international markets, including India, China, Brazil and Mexico. 

Membership Benefits

Take your international business to the next level with strategic market intelligence ​
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