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Tammy Bombardier



Tammy’s expertise is drawn from her success in the field in over 30 countries over the last 20 years. In her work she has advised companies on venture feasibility and led sales growth in international markets. She has held management positions in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Munich, and Stockholm and is now a tenured business strategy and supply chain management professor at The Zekelman School of Business and Information Technology. In her private practice she designs workshops and provides customized insights and frameworks for risk avoidance in international ventures. Her consolidated strategic intelligence research brings great value to clients. Current projects include stakeholder collaboration, sustainability, and evaluating reshoring efforts throughout the global supply chain especially in Europe and North America.

Tammy is one of Canada’s first Certified International Trade Professionals (CITPs), a graduate of University of Waterloo and has an international MBA, specializing in sustainability and global supply chain risk management. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.


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