Tony Gostling


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Tony Gostling

China Business Advisor


Tony Gostling is the owner of GSG Xinde Inc, a consulting firm specializing in China business advisory and facilitation services as well a Senior Advisor and partner with Shenyang Great Metals Industrial Co Ltd.

As Director of Membership & Outreach for the Canada China Business Council until September 2013, Tony Gostling was responsible for organizing trade missions, events, and outreach activities across Canada and in China.

Tony has been heavily involved in Chinese business activities since 1996. For the two years prior to joining CCBC, he was a consultant in the field of product sourcing for industrial components in both China and Taiwan. Before that, Tony spent nine years working in China as the President and Chief Representative for a trading company with offices in Shanghai and Shenyang, which supplied OEM components, mainly for the railroad and heavy transportation industry in the US and Canada.

Tony has spent most of his career in global procurement and supply chain management. He is very familiar with business start‐up and operational practices in China and the common problems associated with establishing successful operations overseas.

Tony and his wife Hua and young son Joshua live in Guelph, Ontario.

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